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Originally posted on: January 14, 2014
This is the comic base on a video

from a very populer game call "TeamFortress2" actually i didn't play this game ,i just watch the video. so i drew this

many easter egg let you found it , and hope you enjoy it

page1 : Meet the Sniper -(TwilightSparkle) page 1
page2: Meet the Sniper -(TwilightSparkle) page 2
page3: Meet the Sniper -(TwilightSparkle) page 3
page4: you are here
page5: Meet the Sniper -(TwilightSparkle) page 5
page6: Meet the Sniper -(TwilightSparkle) page 4

safe (1522270) artist:avchonline (193) twilight sparkle (274217) pony (796853) unicorn (242732) comic:meet the sniper - twilight sparkle (6) chinese (2449) clock (1558) clothes (387388) comic (97244) crossover (55181) dialogue (56548) female (846360) gun (13510) hat (72161) mare (386907) onomatopoeia (2874) rifle (3202) sniper rifle (891) team fortress 2 (5207) unicorn twilight (10060) weapon (25476)


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