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safe1558993 screencap195574 rainbow dash217544 sci-twi21784 twilight sparkle280266 equestria girls177835 equestria girls series28092 sunset's backstage pass!2017 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11498 animated91199 cropped42907 earthquake61 gif27508 loose hair1708 missing accessory7366 no glasses87 sleeping21431 sleeping bag152 solo focus16249


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8 comments posted
Background Pony #91A1
Background Pony #A190
I know that but still really wish we get to see it more often
Background Pony #91A1
I seriously wish sci twi can have her hair style like that more often than in a pony tail
Background Pony #ECEC
This is what happens when you get woken up by the sounds of The Polar Express arriving at your house.😉