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Bonding sisters

Sometimes I want to draw something that… and I draw something like that. But, with comparing my other arts, I used here very very simple background lol. Mostly because I wanted to concentrate on action between these two lovely sisters.

My usual simple drawing and I spend not much on drawing this.

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safe1614269 artist:nevobaster222 rarity173639 sweetie belle47265 pony881800 unicorn284693 abstract background12646 airpods33 chair6236 cute186033 daaaaaaaaaaaw3323 diasweetes2706 eyes closed83980 female1284961 filly61547 hug26152 hug from behind401 ipad183 lamp2430 levitation11133 magic68357 mare438970 misleading thumbnail1032 music notes3012 picture frame724 plushie22492 sharing headphones16 siblings6862 sisters7806 sitting57430 smiling224261 teddy bear1263 telekinesis25608 wholesome371


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