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safe1639675 artist:dwk187 edit125742 edited screencap60845 screencap213766 applejack164585 discord29745 fluttershy205692 pinkie pie209965 rainbow dash226621 rarity175958 twilight sparkle291788 alicorn211142 draconequus10189 earth pony224212 pegasus266148 pony905320 unicorn295596 totally legit recap285 sounds of silence3287 the ending of the end3006 canterlot5454 caption20541 comic104720 discord drama38 female1305437 image macro36573 male351239 mane six30856 mare449939 meme80238 nervous5395 reference4085 scared9920 screencap comic4388 sheepish45 shrug1373 swearing692 text55076 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119938 vulgar19938


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Background Pony #5F28
I'm wondering if DWK is even going to have the energy to point the obvious. He already hated him for reasons he made clear, so would it just he beating a dead horse by the time he gets around to the finale?
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