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Discord's evil laugh compilation from his first appearances.
safe1577121 screencap199626 applejack158966 discord28718 fluttershy197969 pinkie pie203391 princess celestia90080 rainbow dash219544 rarity169857 twilight sparkle282948 alicorn195593 draconequus9040 earth pony199629 pegasus240109 pony846963 unicorn266830 keep calm and flutter on953 the return of harmony1475 animated92076 balloon9606 balloon discord13 big crown thingy2183 chaos1090 compilation527 discorded landscape227 element of magic1894 evil laugh383 female900578 hub logo9226 jewelry51053 laughing7122 male305978 mane six29467 mare416206 noogie268 oh dear39 puppet strings43 regalia16337 sound6736 statue2106 statue discord54 the hub2522 tv rating341 tv-y323 unicorn twilight12937 webm10087


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Background Pony #9EE6
What is going on? People don't like his laugh or you just started to hate Discord in general?