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First try at animation.  
Not super happy with the final result, but it’s really time I start working on new scenes.
explicit418084 artist:plumage50 rarity203397 sweetie belle53526 pony1327079 unicorn447937 3d104462 age difference3472 animated113179 belle sisters276 big penis15572 carousel boutique2810 eyes on the prize6295 female1606279 filly85084 foalcon20533 futa55107 futa on female13990 futa on filly245 futa rarity3124 gulp359 horsecock86273 incest15963 intersex53002 mare619882 medial ring9069 nervous7281 no sound5573 nudity453350 open mouth198365 penis188015 penis awe97 penis on face1778 pink horsecock1598 prize on the eyes826 raribelle532 raricest376 shipping230143 surprised11302 these aren't my glasses627 unity113 unity (game engine)76 webm19908 worried4902


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Sorry, commissions are closed and while opening all of my old stuff to YCH is still somewhere in my plans, nowadays I’m mostly focusing on doing new projects depending on what my Patreons request.
As for getting SFM stuff (or pretty much any other Valve game) into Blender yes you can :  
That said I don’t really use Blender outside of minor corrections and format conversion : all my work is done inside Unity.
Perfect Pony Plot Provider - Uploader of 10+ images with 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)
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is this a ych pose thing as well? just looked into your commission info and saw this as the example…i also saw you use blender…can sfm models be imported in blender or does that not work?