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Applejack’s Thanksgiving
Part 1/3:

It’s the morning after Halloween. Twilight had invited all her friends over to her house for a Halloween sleepover. Some of them had already left, but a few are still around.

Twilight: (sigh) Pinkie, Pinkie, Pinkie.

Sunset: Of course she’d be the one who brought all the candy.

Twilight: And of course she had to eat 90% of it. I’m trying to watch my figure anyways.

Susnet: I doubt if Pinkie will have the stomach to join AJ’s Thanksgiving Party. There’s hardly going to be anything sweet over there.

Twilight: Yeah, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen her eat a savoury dish. … What do you think? Do you think you’ve got the stomach for it? (She rubs Sunset’s tummy)

Sunset: (chuckle) Oh stop. I may be getting bigger again, but I’m sure AJ will definitely eat more than me. She can be with roast dinners, what Pinkie can be with sweets.

Twilight: True. True.
suggestive132706 artist:jamesawilliams1996198 edit123117 edited screencap59253 screencap210905 pinkie pie207546 series:twilight and pinkie's weight problems21 equestria girls187693 equestria girls series30265 holidays unwrapped1566 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12647 bbw4059 beanbag chair325 bedroom9119 belly25975 belly button71255 big belly9608 big breasts73874 blizzard or bust146 breasts254447 busty pinkie pie10042 cleavage32262 clothes426293 fat20675 fat edit190 female1286662 food64332 huge belly2565 huge breasts34514 meat1747 morbidly obese7239 mushroom879 obese10717 pajamas3049 pepper182 pepperoni427 pepperoni pizza410 piggy pie648 pizza1787 pizza box292 pudgy pie1441 sci-twi's room97 sleeping22235 story included8377


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hey maybe in your next commission you can somehow have pinky wish that everyone was fat and felt how she felt about her thickness including flutter–shy rainbow dash and especially sci–twi ?
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Nintendo switch

my biggest problem with holidays unwrapped is that it starts with all the girls sleeping at twilights house and none of them are in their pajamas. COMPLETE EPIC FAIL!!!
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