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Originally posted on: October 31, 2013
is me Sean.M again~this time i cosplay the college student girl

it was a warm and lovely day, you trying to go for a class, but than you bump into a pony and she fall down
than you saw she is a little student girl Sean.M who now study in the department of music, and she keep say sorry to you

what do ?

safe (1521199) artist:avchonline (193) oc (572330) oc only (392803) oc:sean (47) pegasus (220828) semi-anthro (10522) blushing (167460) book (29204) clothes (386973) crossdressing (8224) evening gloves (7234) femboy (7411) flower (20601) flower in hair (6080) flower pattern underwear (225) frilly underwear (4018) gloves (16014) headband (2626) japanese (7509) long gloves (4120) male (287896) panties (44308) pegasus oc (3246) pink underwear (3611) shoes (27476) simple background (323803) sitting (51630) skirt (33926) socks (53811) speech (3121) translation request (1054) underwear (52849) white background (81318) wings (65185)


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