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Originally posted on: July 27, 2013
My first about "My little pony: friendship is magic" music album comeing up~ this time, recording problem is finally solve,

I want to thank my teacher, he give me the music composing software "Sibelius"
i can doing the real concerto!! through it is software performing version, but still is a breakthrough!

i always think that music is a beautiful language, it describe everything, love and hate, beauty and sad, appearances and inner, music is a beautiful art to show the reflection of truth, but it is not everyone can understand

but i think… eveyone did understand one thing about music ── music is also a good story

a story of love, humor,goodness, evil, sorrow and every kind of story!! when you hear the tune, your mind will soon appear some picture or memory, that it's why i like to use music to tell a story
so that is the main part of this album "Music poem"

A music to describe a poem, a story, every movement is about a good story our beloved pony
had symphony,concerto, new age music and popular music too!
you can enjoy all those beautiful image about these music tune telling you, maybe it is elegant ,humor , sad or epic, but they all are good story , and i using music to telling you

so enjoy it! like it! and subscribe! anytime! i'm very thank you!


◎ 1. Music poem series No.1 Op.7 "Flutter in dream"

◎ 2. Music poem series No.2 Op.13 "Pinkie's riddle"

◎ 3. Music poem series No.3 Op.14 "Rarity piano concerto"

◎ 4. Music poem series No.4 Op.18 symphony"War of storm"

◎ 5. Music poem series No.5 Op.19 symphony"War of storm" 2nd movement- "Apple family Pastoral"

◎ 6. Music poem series No.6 Op.17 "Twilight memory"

◎ SC. Music poen series special feature "heart connection 連心(Chinese sub)"

"Music poem series let you understand the story of pony in the most beautiful way" ─ Taiwan pony daily
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