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I edited the text out of >>2031315
safe1637332 artist:moozua231 edit125493 fluttershy205442 pegasus265033 pony902639 big eyes960 blushing186145 crying41515 crying cat18 cute189342 dilated pupils590 doe eyes8 female1303229 floppy ears48731 hoof hold7827 hooves17159 looking at you156459 mare448666 meme80181 microphone4731 missing cutie mark4302 offscreen character31924 ponified animal photo584 ponified meme808 sad23437 sadorable786 shyabetes12730 solo focus16034 teary eyes3704 textless363


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Background Pony #A240
I really wonder whose hoof that is holding the microphone. Starlight’s I’m guessing?