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I edited the text out of >>2031315
safe1727572 artist:moozua237 edit134223 fluttershy214930 pegasus300198 pony987806 big eyes1072 blushing201045 crying44171 crying cat18 cute202967 dilated pupils609 doe eyes8 female1381851 floppy ears53251 hoof hold8435 hooves18058 looking at you172218 mare491245 meme82474 microphone5139 missing cutie mark4698 offscreen character34965 ponified animal photo629 ponified meme1000 sad24803 sadorable921 shyabetes14189 solo focus17182 teary eyes4268 textless407


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Background Pony #A240
I really wonder whose hoof that is holding the microphone. Starlight’s I’m guessing?
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