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@EvAn Ze Geek VA
It was in EG not FIM. In FIM the characters are a bit different, different personalities, different tastes… I also still think you can say ‘I love you’ to a friend.
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Whoever came up with the "appledash is canon" tag just because they had one conversation, you should be talking about how FlutterDash is canon when Rainbow Dash LITERALLY says

"You love Fluttershy."

She literally said she loved her. Surprised that doesn't make people say FlutterDash is canon.
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Pupusa Lord
@Background Pony #F1E2
I'm a RariJack fan, but I have to admit that their interactions on the last problem seem to indicate that, even if they are not married (since unless is shown that they are spouses, it will be as vague as Scootaloo's aunts marital status), RD and AJ have at least some sort of relationship going on. Personally I like to think that they have a polyamory relationship including Rarity… because you know, why choose between RariJack and AppleDash when you can have RariJackDash… yeah I know RariJack shipper to the death, please let me have that at least ಥ_ಥ
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Background Pony #FE7F
I am perfectly fine with Appledash cause it leaves Spike and Rarity single. But I don't know how Rarijack fans who push Rarijack to every possible reality will react to this…
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