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safe1572597 artist:catchyartz2 oc603390 oc only409005 oc:antony c19 oc:any pony30 oc:dawillstanator10 oc:dr. wolf137 oc:dusty71 oc:eliyora58 oc:finn the pony26 oc:firebrand141 oc:goldenfox123 oc:ilovekimpossiblealot284 oc:ink rose120 oc:keyframe111 oc:lightning bliss217 oc:mad munchkin66 oc:silver quill202 oc:sweetie bloom35 oc:thespio50 oc:voice of reason34 pony843596 wolf1383 abstract background11807 bowtie8569 eyes closed79985 facial hair4968 female896788 glasses54729 goggles13224 grin32849 group photo704 hat76395 male304670 mare414331 moustache2779 multicolored hair4141 rainbow hair1852 smiling214334 stallion92369


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Background Pony #73BD
Well to be fair, I'm not saying that I'm glad that she's not around nor am I saying that I'm upset that she hasn't been in later episodes either. It's just something that I noticed is all.

MLP, Megaman, Modularity
@Background Pony #73BD
Huh. Can't believe I didn't notice.

Well… maybe she'll turn up in Part 4. Her super form borders on Deus Ex Machina a bit more than the rest, and it wouldn't be the first time one member of the crew was conveniently late.