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Let's think about how Discord doesn't make any sense as an antihero in the long run.

His motivations as a partial protagonist are, simply, he's chaos, not evil, and he does not want to be stone cold evil (unless he's seeking revenge and venting like in his introduction) and that Fluttershy is so sincere in her attempts to befriend him that he simply wanted to reciprocate, even a little. Fluttershy was offering something he couldn't critique outright, and something he didn't have. Even Q had a softspot for Data, and Q knew Data was a being of complete sincerity.

But his role and motivation as a part time antagonist, as someone who uses his omnipotence and boredom as an excuse to shake the tree a little and reveal people's flaws unfettered by order and repression is….the manifestation of Celestia's perfect order, ergo, Twilight Sparkle.

….But that's the thing. The 'Discord trolling the main character' plotline and the 'Twilight is destined to obey everything Celestia has to say and become her successor' plotline, are completely incompatible!!

Discord has no interest whatsoever in Twilight as a person. None. He couldn't care less about her, he's stated many times Fluttershy is the only one he considers protecting. Q, on the other hand was immensily fond of Picard and their battle of wits and moral wordplay.

But Discord keeps antagonizing Twilight simply because she is everything Discord hates. Not personally of course, there's no real animosity towards her, but it's her mindset that he finds worthy of his trolling. She's predictable, she's naive, she follows all orders without any doubt, she represses her emotions. There is value in expressing ones anger and questioning the status quo at times but Twilight resists it at all costs.

These 'Discord trying to teach Twilight' episodes are written….but for the sake of Princess Twilight status quo, by the end of the episode Twilight ends up missing the point at the very last moment nearly everytime. When Discord was trying to teach Twilight healthy skepticism in the glass of water episode, Cadence deflected it into being idiotically trustful as a merit!

So in the end, what does he end up doing since Twilight is way too much of a hopeless Celestia brown noser for his lessons? He decides to pull an 'introduction of Sombra' Celestia on her, and make an artificially worse situation out of a simple one, the same way Celestia sent Twilight to stop Sombra without the elements on orders to do real stuff alone without her friends or the elements, something even Luna thought was stupid and irresponsible. It was unnecessary, it nearly got everyone killed, and the situation only made Twilight admire Celestia's wisdom more, instead of learning a shred of independence despite 'disobeying'.

And the finale was redundent cause Discord already did that shit if we include Discord giving the Mane 6 the instruction manual to beat Tirek beforehand and not taking it back after he betrayed Equestria. He never put his full chips in with Tirek even after Tirek 'passed his test' and revealed Twilight exists, but he still made the situation infinitely worse by letting his guard down around Tirek like a complete fool and getting drained.

So in the end, nothing is learned from his trolling, nothing is learned from his artificial worsened villain incidents, so in terms of results, all he succeeds at being is an incompetent jackass. Q may have been a complete jerk, even someone willing to let a few mortals die if it meant delivering his point, but he was always capable of delivering a good point.


And do you know what's the worst part? You could tell John de Lancie had a big hand in creating his dialogue, it was often full of his Q-isms and he loved the trolling energy of Discord that mirrored his master class character of Q from Star Trek…but the scripts simply wouldn't let him deliver his dark but thought provoking punchlines. It would always end with Discord sighing and accepting he was being a jerk and his lesson being wasted, even when his good lessons were harsh but overall harmless.

So Discord's character comes across as being completely inept at best, and, like you said, a complete piece of trash at worst.
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@Background Pony #BD67
Only kids are smarter than Hasbro thinks*

I really liked Discord too and even was fine with him being close with Fluttershy (my favorite pony). I wanted them to have Discord stand against Tirek BEFORE Tirek betrayed him. So he realized he made a mistake BEFORE getting screwed. But they never had that. They had him so damn happy about his evil actions right up until Tirek betrayed him, drained him and left him for dead. At that point his "choice" to go back to the good guys means nothing as he's only doing it out of necessity. I was waiting for him to actually redeem himself in the future seasons, but he never did.

And Season 9 just cemented that Discord's just as big a piece of trash as he was then, only the writers want us to treat him like an… antihero? Not a villain? An entity that continuously acts like an antagonist and puts up challenges/dangers/threats and is never really called on it beyond disapproving glares?… It makes no damn sense…

But he gave Celestia roses! ROSES!! Surely after such a heroic and selfless act witnessed by all of Equestria, the populace simply had to accept Discord after he publicly helped Tirek attack and drain everyone. Heck, based on his reaction, I'm sure Shining Armor was the first to reaccept him whole heartedly! /s

…sometimes its best to just accept that about half the things that happen in premiers and finales after S2 are just complete and utter bullshit, even by kids-and-up show standards.
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@Background Pony #188B
I was more under the assumption he was bored and just wanted to screw over the mane 6/Equestria again for the… fifth time? How he keeps getting away with it is what I want to know. He should've been locked up in Tartarus after betraying the mane 6 to Tirek the second Tirek offered him power.
Background Pony #188B
Does anyone here wonder if Discord was drunk or on cocaine thinking this would be a good idea?
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Yeah, this goes right past "what were you thinking?!" and straight on into "were you thinking at all?!" territory.
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MLP, Megaman, Modularity
Couldn't agree more. Honestly, I might've let it pass if we heard "Grogar" say he knew of the trio's planned treachery, and put up more of a fight before getting his magic drained.
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@Prometheus labs CEO
Considering all the times he's successfully done roles as a hero testing trickster, it's seem's uncharacteristic of him to make such folleys constantly at other tines and yet still have the sisters listen to his advice.

I think we can both agree that, his friendship with Flitters vouching for him and everything else, he has a lot of character inconsistency and had a lot of plot armor to cover his ass.

@Prometheus labs CEO
That's an absurdly roundabout way to try to rationalize this both flawed and nonsensical attempt of Discord's.

Don't mistake my ability to follow with what your saying as the same thing as believing your explanation is a rational justification. Its a hypothesis, but most certainly not a sensible one.

His reasons for the subterfuge were shaky at best, his idea for the subterfuge were shaky at best, his methods during the subterfuge were uncharacteristically restrained, and his end game goal for the "serious" subterfuge had almost no solid plan AT ALL. Its very incohesive, and is dripping with bad writing.
Prometheus labs CEO
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I figure it’s a combination of him just being a douchebag and that he genuinely believes his own explanations and reasons, it’s just that as a being of chaos thinking logically, and logic in general, isn’t exactly something that he understands fully, that doesn’t stop him from thinking he’s knows what logic this of course, and that + douchebaggery = “What is wrong with you?!”

@Prometheus labs CEO
It would almost be better if he did stuff solely because they didn't make any sense. But instead he actually HAS honest patchwork reasons and justifications for the bullshit he pulls off that fails misery.

He's making very restrained and non chaotic subterfuge to create non-chaotic results with (neither zero sense or fully formed sense) a stupid plot.