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Surprise! You thought Twilight will be next, but it was Starlight Glimmer in queue all along!
Starlight hopes you won't forget about her, even when she was evil before.

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Starlight Glimmer
Twilight Sparkle
safe1640446 artist:mrkat7214417 starlight glimmer46579 pony905978 unicorn295893 ...2204 absurd resolution64866 bittersweet151 crying41584 cute189809 daaaaaaaaaaaw3427 dialogue62074 end of ponies777 ending126 feels1556 female1306062 finale61 floppy ears48949 glimmerbetes3664 goodbye114 happy29513 liquid pride180 looking at you156945 mare450268 open mouth133647 puppy dog eyes680 sad23483 sadlight glimmer151 sadorable790 simple background371197 smiling230517 smiling at you2414 solo1020773 stuttering104 sweet dreams fuel1144 talking5059 talking to viewer2363 tears of joy2321 teary eyes3712 the end206 white background92044


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Background Pony #9FF0
No, no, of course I'd never forget about you… you… uhh…. I think I wanna say "Sunlight Glitter"?
Background Pony #46AB
I don't thikn I can forget you, Glimmy, You're a shining example of when even just a bit of listening is performed, moving words can enter within, and thereby an understanding can be formed — and a dark, resentful heart can be opened to the light and improve over time to be undeniably amazing.
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Background Pony #8CA8
(I guess that was why she was so unimportant she was given the worse finales "To where and back again", the worst EG specials, and she wasn't even given an older form.)

More to the point, like her or hate her, I honestly don't see the point in her most obsessive fans hyping her up as if her popularity was anything but divided.

@Red-Supernova What you just said dude? It comes across as overcompensating and false to be honest. Everyone knows her reception was divided, so it comes across as less real then the comment of a Starlight fan that actually acknowledge her character and writing issues but still likes her within reasonable level.
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Starlight, you had some of the best character growth on the show! Don't listen listen to those people who say otherwise!

I wouldn't forget you, ever. :)
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