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At this point I'm just beating a dead horse, so this is going to be the last one, for now.

Do I even need to explain this one?
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And just when I thought that there was nothing that could top the scenarios from you and Biggernate91 on my first image. Well fucking done, Podbeing.
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Twilight: Okay, we seem to have hit our buoyancy points at roughly the same exact time, which confirms my theory that our captor either doesn't understand how quicksand works, or…

Pinkie: …he's really, really dumb? Like, "mentally subnormal, head injury or massive brain trauma"-level dumb?

Twilight: Not to sound insulting to the 'differently sane,' but…

Rainbow Dash: We were all thinking it.

Sunset: I have no problem calling a spade a spade. He's planning to conquer Earth with an army of trained animals and I don't understand why "Phase 3" involved low-carb pasta and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots even after he explained it three times. It's like he came up with his plan by playing Mad Libs and fishing random words out of a hat. So he's either completely batshit insane, completely stupid, or both. I don't find it surprising that he doesn't understand how quicksand works, either.

Fluttershy: I know he doesn't understand how animals work. Or how to train them.

Rarity: Wait, wait, I thought you kept sinking until you hit bottom? So I thought—

Applejack: Naw, Rares, ya' only sink until ya displace a mass of fluid equal to th' mass of your own body. An' because th' human body is less dense than water or mud by at least a couple o' percent, ya only go down so far, and th' fluid exerts an upward force that keeps ya from sinkin' any further, per Archimedes Principle—

Everyone: (Stares)

Applejack: Wait, why are y'all looking at me like that? Ah pay attention in Physics and my math scores are almost as good as Twi's. Ya think just because Ah have an Alabama accent and work on a damn farm that Ah'm some kinda dumbfuck hick?

Rarity: Well, I…I…

Applejack: Ah'm not some kinda special ed case. Y' run a farm, y'gotta have your head in the game. That means accountin', enough biology to understand why y' plant some things an' not others and when—

Twilight: Umm…Jackie?

Applejack: -what to plant with what, enough basic genetics to understand why traits get passed along, which ones do an' which ones don't-

Twilight: Jackie?

Applejack: -enough basic veterinary skills t' keep yer livestock healthy an' happy an' treat 'em when they get sick, enough basic medicine an' nursin' t' help someone if'n they get hurt until real help can get there-

Twilight: Jackie?

Applejack: -enough mechanical and electrical engineerin' t' be able t' fix broken equipment yerself because ya might not have the money t' pay t' have everything done for ya, special-like, some computer savvy, because a modern combine harvester is just about like a giant robot that th' manufacturin' company DON'T want ya t' be able t' fix yerself an' ya gotta know where t' look online t' find the repair instructions that they DON'T want ya t' have, not without a crapton of money you prolly can't afford to give 'em-

Twilight: JACKIE?

Applejack: ….WHAT?

Twilight: no one here thinks you're a—dumbfuck hick, as you put it.

Rarity: It's just that…no one ever hears this side of you, darling. Most of the time when we're in some sort of situation, you usually seem content to let someone else figure out what's happening…

Applejack: Well, it's jus' that the solutions y'all come up with are a lil' bit more—efficient, Ah guess you'd say. Faster. Ya think faster than Ah do in a crisis, most times. And, uh…[inaudible]

Sunset: Yeah?

Applejack: Ah—kinda didn't wanna steal y'all's thunder.

Twilight: Awwwww.

Rarity: I said I that we never hear this side of you. But…I would love to see it more often.

Applejack: D'awwwww!

Rarity: But right now, we're still sort of confined, so I can't really reach out and hug you. But if you'll take a rain check…?

Applejack: Always, Rares…always.

Everyone else: AWWWWWW.

Sunset: as awesome as that is, we're still sort of in a situation here. We don't have our geodes, and we're basically stuck in a giant mud pie, with no easy way to get out.

Pinkie: have been stuck in pies, can confirm. [Everyone stares] What? You think I keep a 5000-gallon tank of chocolate pie filling for no reason, do you? I've been training for just this eventuality!

Twilight: You…keep a giant tank of chocolate pie filling to—train for getting stuck in quicksand?

Pinkie: Doesn't everybody? You never know when this exact situation will come up.

Twilight: Good point.

Pinkie: Well…that, and I have certain needs….

Rainbow Dash: I think I now know more about you than I ever wanted to know.

Sunset: AHEM. Anyway, I've been trying to work an arm loose, but even if I do, it's not like there's anything nearby to actually GRAB. I think we're stuck here until someone finds us.

Rainbow Dash: I don't suppose there's a chance that this might be another one of those magical portal-thingies and we can escape by ducking under the surface and going to Equestria, is there?

Twilight: I've already ruled that out as a possibility. This is the real thing, not a barely-concealed portal.

Rainbow Dash: Crap. Welp, I got nothin'. I guess two in a row was too much to hope for.

Twilight: I don't think we'll have to wait for too long. Principal Celestia should find the email I sent, and if she doesn't, Lyra or Octavia should, so…we probably won't have to wait longer than an hour or two. Three at the absolute outside. Until then, we might as well just relax. We're not in any immediate danger,

Sunset: Not like we have much choice in the matter. We're not going anywhere without someone on the outside there.

Rarity: It could be worse, I guess. It's actually a bit soothing. Like one of those weighted blankets. And the clay is probably giving us all a decent exfoliation.

Rainbow Dash: Wow, the fashionista who freaks out when she gets a stain on her blouse actually likes the mud. Whodathunk?

Rarity: I'll have you know that there are spas in Canterlot that charge a hefty sum for an herbal mud bath and spa treatment. And…I must admit, I don't just enjoy them for the cosmetic benefits alone…

Dash: …oh.

Applejack: Ah guess it's prolly a good time t' admit that Ah don't just tag along with ya 'cause Ah'm being sociable…

Rarity: Awwww…

Sunset: [After several seconds of silence from everyone] So, uh…anyone up for a singalong?
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You've made an entire series of pictures of the Equestria Girls becoming quicksand fetishists. Now I've seen everything.
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Yep, nothing much like sinking into a big pit of thick, warm mud. The soft, gooey muck just engulfs you and holds you tightly in place, as you sink deeper and deeper into the depths of the mire. It encases your body and cups around your face, to the point where you're almost completely buried in the stuff. It feels spectacular and is sensory overload. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience.
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Casual Paul

You should finally draw them only their hairs in the quicksand surface…
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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I am nothing
I really like how they all look happy why sinking away in the mud. Instead of being in a panic or screaming and crying they actually enjoying it.