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safe1688643 artist:1deathpony155 artist:aestette5 artist:airfly-pony679 artist:amishy151 artist:crash9902232 artist:discordthege307 artist:enderselyatdark137 artist:fynjy-87125 artist:helemaranth342 artist:hioshiru979 artist:hitbass144 artist:kopcap9458 artist:leesys12 artist:lunebat406 artist:negasun417 artist:pony-stark51 artist:pony-way299 artist:rexyseven120 artist:skipper0113 artist:stein-more23 artist:vincher564 derpy hooves49871 doctor whooves10688 octavia melody23614 princess celestia94244 princess luna98428 smolder7794 somnambula1893 starlight glimmer48122 time turner10683 twilight sparkle298241 oc673501 oc:alkarasu14 oc:anchor chaser4 oc:batsdisaster23 oc:eleane tih48 oc:enderdan t'dark68 oc:helemaranth78 oc:janinne2 oc:lemony light60 oc:lightly breeze39 oc:loki smile36 oc:lunette166 oc:marussia170 oc:mayata32 oc:negasun25 oc:rusty gears118 oc:salem30 oc:sandy lane5 oc:scarlett drop127 oc:selya t'dark37 oc:stellar gale2 oc:whispy slippers56 oc:windy leaves36 oc:wing hurricane133 pony950365 absurd resolution65796 atlas rocket2 boop7311 burger king87 clone2766 collaboration5241 cyrillic2267 dalek283 doctor who3540 elite dangerous51 epic1362 eve31 filly65421 glados194 mango os1 nation ponies1431 obey158 pepsi195 planet1187 ponified40602 portal (valve)1168 poster5224 russia852 russian4289 russian artists19 self-boop418 soda1554 space4995 spaceship800 spacesuit1112 sputnik17 star wars3166 starbound59 starfighter60 streamer22 tesla roadster10 tie fighter47 torpedo20 wall-e53


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Despite all the detail put into the ship it has a surpising lack of rooms with the availability to change levels or even cross the current one without going through a dorm room.
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