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You thought I already forgot about this set — but I didn't.
Among all mares we know and love, Rarity is the most emotional one.

Other ponies:
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash
Starlight Glimmer
Twilight Sparkle
safe1708352 artist:mrkat7214423 rarity182017 pony969451 unicorn324203 ...2307 absurd resolution66258 crying43631 cute200096 daaaaaaaaaaaw3902 darling623 dialogue65611 end of ponies788 fabulous618 faic12338 feels1566 female1364884 floppy ears52398 grin38614 happy31272 lip bite11629 looking at you168945 makeup21520 mare481602 marshmelodrama821 mascara643 mascarity88 puppy dog eyes733 raribetes5406 rarity being rarity311 running makeup2125 sad smile56 sadorable898 simple background394104 smiling249030 smiling at you3804 solo1065533 stuttering114 talking to viewer2721 tears of joy2529 teary eyes4154 teeth9820 white background98076


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Background Pony #7831
Rarity you will always be fabulous remember that now ok I promise I will not forget you and your friends
Background Pony #D874
I will Truly miss my Love, I will never forget you Rarity NEVER! ♡♡♡♡
Posted Report
Background Pony #4E3A
Rarity's trying to keep herself from bawling out loud like a baby. It's okay, Rare-bear. Let it out.

Big loud things on poles
I’m not as fabulous as you rarity, you’re the original fabulous pony and even the very definition of the word. I will never forget you and will be waiting for you in G5