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semi-grimdark28640 suggestive135047 artist:underpable846 fluttershy205445 pegasus265049 anthro245209 anime5095 anime style528 blood23375 breasts260257 busty fluttershy16242 clothes434751 cracks191 cut tail40 female1303244 floating wings1079 horn55476 horn headband5 kirin armor8 long tail2164 looking back53245 monster hunter253 panties48101 ponytail16712 scrunchy face6919 simple background370036 skimpy outfit435 sword11146 underwear58031 weapon28991 white background91780 wings92562


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Background Pony #550C
Thinking on it, the lore states that they’re trying to maintain balance with nature ever since a calamity ages ago. Fluttershy might be the most accepting of that.
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