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1) Flirty flirty bird and nerd brains. Quibble is descendant of Fjord ponies; a minority group in Equestria that lives near Yakyakistan. Rainbow also has incredibly strong wings that produce an ungodly amount of Wing Power, which makes lifting her small boyfriend quite easy compared to battling hurricane winds

2) Rainbow was super certain her first kid would be a pegasus, so much so Quibble couldn't take it anymore and decided to make a wager. If she lost, Quibble would be allowed to pick the name of the foal. When Rainbow eventually lost at the birth of Conundrum Solar Flare — Rainbow was sore over it, so Quibble was kind enough to offer her part of the kid's name — she was initially just a tad disappointed she wouldn't have her little Wonderbolt prodigy, but as soon as she held Connie, it was simply love at first sight. Rainbow loves her kids, but she also loves rubbin it in her smug husband's face when little Plumeria pops out four years later

3) Windy Whistles and Bow Hothoof lost their first foal to complications at birth, which contributed to the eventual showering love and obsession with Rainbow Dash. Every milestone was a miracle to them, and they couldn't be happier when their perfect daughter had an equally perfect baby. One that was super fluffy to boot

4) Plumeria when she first learns to fly. She's a natural at it, and Rainbow is overjoyed

Oh some notes on Quibble and Rainbow's homelife: Quibble is a writer. Specifically he loves to write true crime fiction, romance novels and essay anthologies. While he's a stay-at-home dad, he's often very busy trying to make deadlines and take care of his kids. Connie definitely took after their father, meaning the two like to argue. A lot. But little Plumeria is daddy's little princess who can do no wrong.

Rainbow Dash is the Captain of the Wonderbolts and is not home as often as she would like. She's sent out on diplomatic excursions with the Princesses, airshows, and true military work as well. While the Wonderbolts are more geared for airshows, they are still a homeland defense squadron and each member is well trained to face any threat to come to Equestria. There have been nights where Rainbow is called to duty when a suspicious group of ponies tried to smuggle out rare animals for the illegal pet trade in Klugetown. Unfortunately, being the primary military force in Equestria, the Wonderbolts are called for a variety of problems. Rainbow sometimes feels kind of detached from her family, and so makes the most of her time at home…usually with greater focus on Plumeria.

Just a little development on the Rainbow kids. There will be more focused on them more personally!

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