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safe (1504471) artist:redxbacon (1166) oc (568354) oc only (386743) kirin (5767) :p (6424) :t (3625) destruction (1255) eating (8130) floating (3120) implied toaster (1) male (282688) multeity (1796) nom (2741) offscreen character (26837) quadrupedal (1414) simple background (317127) smiling (197991) stallion (82970) text (45049) toaster (260) tongue out (82928) upside down (4725) vulgar (18741) wat (18123) white background (79277) yelling (2624)


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Wallet After Summer Sale -

Pretty soft for a Sony.
I'd personally love to see a filly size Kirin that is a new hire part timer undergoing on the job training at Anger Burger myself. The thought of Kirin using their angry fire abilities to cook food amuses me to no end.
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Background Pony #51B4

Please keep all kitchen appliances out of reach of Floofs.
Think of the Waffle Irons.