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Lyre Nurse
safe (1489503) artist:jargon scott (1904) lyra heartstrings (26808) semi-anthro (10252) unicorn (228315) clothes (377265) cute (160515) dialogue (54101) female (813797) imminent prostate exam (16) implied prostate exam (2) magic (60771) mare (368096) nurse (1920) nurse outfit (608) open mouth (111023) solo (916514) stockings (26658) telekinesis (22306) thigh highs (25406) this will end in pain (1544) this will not end well (1173)


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18 comments posted
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Go fsck yourself
I hate it when they make you see a "nurse practitioner" instead of the real specialist, yet still charge you the same.


In fact, I think I saw this very shid about three months ago at my endocrinologist's office.