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For me, MMMystery on the Friendship Express is the best episode from MLP Season 2. I love Agatha Christie and I love everything related to Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Pinkie or Pinkie Watson? I prefer Twi as Sherlock and Pinkie as Watson, but Pinkie on this screencap is sooo adorable, I just couldn't resist to draw her like this <3
safe1615098 artist:nyota7152 screencap210715 pinkie pie207409 earth pony215752 pony882798 mmmystery on the friendship express602 bubble4632 curly hair621 curtains1723 female1285707 friendship express381 hat79486 mare439248 pipe674 redesign1948 redraw1638 sherlock hat11 solo1003309 window7707


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