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A new #askginger piece. Im sorry for the feels. Leave a question in the comments for a chance to have it answered by the trash Princess herself.
suggestive (118323) artist:gingersnap913 (231) oc (554132) oc:gingersnaps (67) alicorn (175000) anthro (210099) #askginger (19) alicorn oc (19352) big breasts (60326) breasts (216042) clothes (374558) feels (1499) female (807163) ginger (75) hips (2277) hug (23558) latex (9103) long mane (2617) long tail (1770) solo (911727) stockings (26519) tail (15918) thigh highs (25183) uniform (8082) wings (58645)


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Nova Saber 97
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Latex Lover
You said you were the type to 'run in and punch the first thing that looks at you type of gal'. Has that ever gotten you into serious trouble before?