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Looks like a certain princess of friendship wants to get acquainted~
*Male version :p

It’s been at least a couple of months since my last picture of Twilight. What is the world coming to?
suggestive134862 alternate version39860 artist:devfield116 twilight sparkle291260 alicorn210267 human148148 pony901090 :34242 abs10107 bedroom9342 bedroom eyes55883 bedsheets723 belly button72532 crotch bulge4097 female1302085 floating heart2015 flower23825 flower in mouth625 heart45334 high res24007 human male6445 human on pony action10113 imminent sex5694 implied straight5212 indoors2354 interspecies21651 looking at you156227 male350006 male nipples1655 male pov6949 mare448130 mouth hold16288 nudity349725 offscreen character31853 pinned500 pinned down239 pov13238 rose3642 rose in mouth221 shading1662 shadow3884 show accurate12613 smiling229402 stone522 stupid sexy twilight889 submissive pov905 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119734 vector73982 vignette87 wings92245 wood716


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