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Here a Sneak peek of Look back season 9 !
the full video is on Source
safe1636012 artist:agrol627 applejack164270 cozy glow6867 discord29698 flash magnus781 fluttershy205285 gallus6324 lord tirek5146 meadowbrook776 mistmane718 ocellus4966 pinkie pie209570 princess celestia92162 princess luna96388 queen chrysalis33621 rainbow dash226222 rarity175639 rockhoof1079 sandbar5162 silverstream5760 smolder7351 somnambula1803 spike76534 star swirl the bearded1936 starlight glimmer46411 twilight sparkle291269 yona4816 alicorn210277 centaur3074 changedling7807 changeling43900 changeling queen14380 draconequus10117 dragon51926 earth pony222675 griffon25520 pegasus264536 pony901133 unicorn293652 yak4320 the ending of the end3001 the last problem5259 alicornified5062 animated95148 cozycorn630 end of ponies775 female1302126 legion of doom276 legion of doom statue83 look back3 mane seven6241 mane six30787 pillars of equestria259 pointy ponies3287 race swap13580 rainbow of harmony55 royal sisters4147 sound7974 student six1533 taste the rainbow232 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119743 ultimate chrysalis378 webm11795


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If only Luna and Celestia were actually included in the final rainbow laser in the show.
They wielded the Elements before and their cutie marks were on the tree of harmony. Twilight should have included the Royal Sisters too with the others charging up the rainbow laser.
The fact Luna and Celestia weren't just adds salt to the wound that they are screwed big time due to being no longer connected to the Elements.