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Maud had been ignoring you for weeks on end. She wouldn't speak to you, look you in the eye. She wouldn't even stay in the same room as you. A creeping dread fell on you with every passing day; getting Maud to go out with you had been a struggle, after all. Maybe she didn't feel the same way?

But one day, on the night of the full moon, she dragged you to the top of the Sparkling Hills, famed for their diamond veins and unceasing beauty. As the moonlight rises over the horizon, it catches the gleam of gemstones in a broken part of the rockface. And shining like a cerulean star…lay her true feelings.

Maud had never been able to express herself well. You wondered how long it took her to muster the courage to do even this much. The slightest of tremblings and the faintest of sweat betrayed how utterly frozen in fear she was without speaking a word.

Maud struggled to open her mouth and find the words to speak her feelings. You silenced her with a kiss. No words need be spoken when the light of night sings an entire symphony, after all.
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The Bullet Proof Monster
I love you too Maud Pie. Will you do me the honor of going to the Grand Galloping Gala with me this year?