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Rainbow Dash: "Wow, I can't believe Principal Celestia fell for it…"
Principal Celestia: (Ahem)
Humane Seven: "Uh-oh…"
safe1639659 screencap213766 applejack164585 fluttershy205692 pinkie pie209964 princess celestia92323 rainbow dash226620 rarity175958 sci-twi22990 sunset shimmer60084 twilight sparkle291786 blizzard or bust160 equestria girls191191 equestria girls series30987 holidays unwrapped1650 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13078 angry25606 boots20537 canterlot high2597 carrot1989 caught3159 celestia is not amused494 clothes435777 earmuffs1158 fake snow7 female1305422 fluttershy's winter hat15 food66003 hat81814 humane five3093 humane seven2310 humane six2951 imminent detention11 jacket11700 looking through the window10 mashed potato snowman4 mashed potatoes40 oh crap face106 outdoors9074 potato331 principal celestia3374 rarity's winter hat23 shoes33603 this will end in detention65 toque151 unamused15054 winter hat105 winter outfit1441


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