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Really old drawing back from when I was first messing around with the Vault 147 thing. This is my design for a ponified Vault Boy I guess. It was featured slightly in another drawing I did around the same time. >>2111767
safe1637331 artist:modocrisma107 earth pony223178 pony902636 fallout equestria16142 fanfic:vault 1479 alternate design2432 alternate universe9970 au:v1479 clothes434740 design533 doodle2589 fallout3268 fanfic10293 fanfic art13669 floating3750 grin35496 looking at you156459 monochrome145975 old art371 paper3095 pencil drawing7587 photo77109 ponified39451 simple788 sketch59954 smiling229728 solo1018525 traditional art113443 vault boy59 vault suit3318


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