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Felt like drawin some hefty Coy tid.
suggestive (116501)artist:pornomagnum (161)fluttershy (187407)human (133488)bench (1913)big breasts (58706)breasts (211648)busty fluttershy (13315)cleavage (28007)clothes (366516)erect nipples (7215)female (787082)huge breasts (26938)humanized (89237)microskirt (169)miniskirt (4092)monochrome (136725)nipple outline (5279)panties (42486)purse (432)sitting (47523)skirt (32302)socks (50529)solo (895276)solo female (157463)sweat (20495)thigh highs (24441)thighs (5250)thong (4927)tree (23485)underwear (50848)water fountain (35)zettai ryouiki (1581)


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Background Pony #AEF5
Fluttershy: Spike, I thought you wanted to talk, but you have been silent ever since I sat down.
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