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Here is the mane 6 as they are in my swapped AU. The basics of the AU is that the mane six are all different creatures (specifically the same ones as the mlp villains in canon) and that all the villains are ponies, and how that would affect how the story would play out and what Equestria is like.

I chose each creature as a sort of opposite of what the characters are like and also based on who has had interactions with the opposing villain of the same species if that makes sense.
It's kind of ironic but I also I feel that they fit rather well.

Everyone swapped with a villain that also has a bit of an opposing personality going on:
Twilight — Tirek (cause he steals magic but Twi wants to learn it)
RD — Gilda (Griffons are selfish and loners as opposed to RD being loyal)
Applejack — Chrysalis (Changelings are dishonest, AJ is honesty)
Pinkie — Discord (Same chaotic energy, Discord only entertains himself, Pinkie wants to make other happy)
Rarity — Garble (Dragons are hoarders and fighters, Rarity is generous and likes helping others)
Fluttershy — Ironwill (Minotaur are loud and "mean", Flutters is kind and gentle)


Starting off we have Spike. In this AU Spike and Twilight didn't grow up together and met eachother much later in life. Spike is an orphan and one of the many young ponies living at Canterlot orphanage. His mother died shortly after giving birth and no one knew who his father was. He has lived his whole life at the orphanage and has long since given up hope on getting adopted, he tries to not let that get him down though as he is still a cheerful colt on the surface that loves helping others. Despite this he doesn't have many friends outside the orphanage staff and he often sneaks out late at night to wander the streets and ponder where he fits in and what his role in life is.

One day Spike decided that he was sick of waiting for something that wasn't going to happen, so he ran away from the orphanage and started wandering the countryside.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle is a centaur residing in the badlands outside Equestrias borders. It is a barren land plagued with extreme weather and inhospitable terrain. Twilight lives together with her family in a village that is struggling to survive. She finds it difficult to see the people she cares about struggle and so apprentices under Starswirl the bearded, the village elder and medicine man, to try and figure out ways for the village to thrive.

While out foraging one day she found a hidden cave that someone had once lived in. In the cave was a small furnished room with a tiny bookcase of old moldy books. One of the books still in decent shape was one with a golden unicorn on the front. It contained a brief version of the history of Equestria and how ponies had managed to tame the elements of nature and manipulate it to their will. Having learned of this Twilight rushed to tell her village and managed to talk her family into letting her travel to Equestria in order to learn more about pony magic and help save her village.

Spike was the first pony Twilight ever met and she was very excited to make his aquintence. Spike on the other hand thought he was gonna get eaten and so tried to run away before realising that she didn't mean any harm. She explained her intentions and Spike was quick to point out that ponies weren't too kind to strangers but that he was happy to help her in any way that he could.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash, or just Dash as is her birth name, originates from Griffonstone and is one of the fastest creatures in the sky. She nicknamed herself Rainbow Dash when her crest grew in and she toned her feathers in the colors of a rainbow. Dash is quite the lonely griffon, not by choice but rather by circumstance. She has tried many times in her youth to impress her peers and to win their approval in the only way she can think of, with her daring aerial acrobatics, but to no avail. Griffons are often spiteful and disinterested in others and so none of her boasting and showing of ever brought more than a light scoff her way. After years of trying and failing Dash finally gave in to the sour attitudes of those around her and stopped caring about anyone other than herself.

This changed after she stumbled into Spike and Twilight who where the first two creatures to ever react to her flying skills. They complimented and asked her about herself, something no one had ever done before. Taken aback she slowly started opening up and become the confident and social hatchling she once was. She is fiercly loyal to those she actually manage to befriend and so she decided to tag along weither Spike or Twilight wanted it or not.

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie is a bit of a mystery. She is a draconequus, a rare creature with immense magical abilities. The rulers of Equestria was afraid of their powers and so hundreds of years ago their strongest unicorns managed to channel enough power to effectively hunt down as many draconequus as they could find and turn them all into stone. Among the ones turned to stone was Pinkie Pie and her sisters.

Pinkie and the others still retained some of their conciousness in a coma like state. Pinkie was stirred awake as the small group of creatures traveling together set camp by her and shared some genuine laughter with one another. A surge of energy rushed through her as she violently burst out of her stone prison, confetti and trumpets accompanying her.

Pinkie is a happy go lucky creature that loves making others laugh with her strange and intense magic. She tried many times to free her sisters from their stone prisons but has not been able to. She travels with the others in hopes of finding a way to save her sisters.


Rarity is a dragoness from the dragonlands. She was always a bit of an outcast among her peers. Dragons are meant to be fierce and ferocious, fighting for territory and intimidating those around them. Rarity isn't the most rough and tumble and would rather just polish her scales and organise her gem horde than lava wrestle. The other dragons leave her alone for the most part, even though they talk about what a wierdo she is behind her back.

She met the others while they were lost navigating one of the caves Rarity often visits to find more gems. Spike was at first weary of her after hearing stories about rampaging dragons burning down entire villages in a fit of rage. Rarity however was very helpful and promised to help them out as long as they helped her carry gems out of the tunnels. On their way out Rainbow Dash got injured and Rarity helped Twilight heal her with a remedy made off dragon scales. Once out of the tunnels Rarity realised that she very much liked the company of those that didn't contantly try to challenge her or steal her things and so she invited them over to her home for some rest and later decided to go with the group to help them.


Fluttershy is a minotaur that lives alone deep in the everfree forest. She acts as a guardian of all the forests creatures. Her shy nature never sat right with the other minotaurs and she was often bullied and picked on for being weak and quiet until the point that she decided to run away.

She stumbles into the group as she saves them from a chimera. It's a quick meeting as Fluttershy later tries to run off back into the forest but the others stops her asking her for help to navigate the forest. She is hesitant but promises to do it as long as they leave her alone afterwards. While traveling together she finds they are rather nice and she feels like she can be herself around them. After reaching the end of the forest she is asked if she want to continue traveling with them as they quite enjoy her company and nature skills as well. With a little bit of encouraging from her forest friends she decides to go with them.


Carapace or "Applejack" as she goes by while disguised, is a stray changeling drone. She and a few of her hivemates escaped as their hive was attacked and destroyed by ponies. She cares deeply about her hivemates and has practically taken over the role as queen for them. She tries her best to hunt and keep them fed by throwing herself into dangerous situations so that they don't have to.

She was drawn by the overpowering positive emotions that radiated from the friend group and had stalked them for days, looking for a way to get to them. She decided to pose as an injured pony to get closer to them and the group quickly swooped in to help her. As she was faking her injury she would siphon their love little by little until she figured she had weakened them enough to overpower them. However before she could bring her plan into fruition she found that she genuinly felt better spending time with them as their friend and little by little she felt she didn't need to steal their love to feel better.
She was beginning to settle in with them when she was found out by Twilight and had to come clean. Pinkie Pie blurted out that she should continue with them. The rest of the group was a bit hesitant, even Applejack herself had a hard time seeing how that could work, but Pinkie was adamant that they had all been brought together for a reason and that they had a genuine friend in Applejack. AJ was hesitant to how open the draconequus was but couldn't seem to refuse the offer, It was a free meal ticket afterall, and so she joined the party under strict surveilance. (the original changelings is how she starts out and then she metamorphoses into a reformed changeling)


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Not at all fond of the "Minotaurs are brutal brutes and jerks" thing from this description. Iron Will is the only one of his kind to have been shown in the series and he was pretty awful every time he was shown, the first being the least bad. But unless evidence of others of his kind is shown, it's best to just chalk it up to just being an Iron Will trait.
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I can't really accept Spike being such a harmless species in comparison to the others. It's been clarified that him suffering the pratfalls with no lasting damage is actually true dragon durability, so I'd make him a runt of a VERY powerful species that they aren't too sure of.
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> AJ is a changeling drone who took over as queen

You've got me wondering how changeling queens occur. Do they need to be raised in royal honey as a larva, like queen bees, or can a drone or worker transform into a queen when the population lacks one, like a clownfish?
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Imagine if someone does something stupid enough that makes some kind of Undertale AU music stuff for this!
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