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Reminder the New Canterlot Republic gives aid to ponies suffering dysphoria.
safe1617362 artist:aaronmk734 oc628338 oc only418953 oc:littlepip3905 pony885081 unicorn285935 fallout equestria15819 bust44182 clothes426738 cute186571 eyes closed84238 fanfic10246 fanfic art13451 female1287494 frog (hoof)11093 graveyard of comments131 heart44677 hooves16905 horn52357 mare440089 ocbetes4482 open mouth130132 pipabetes51 pipbuck3329 politics1340 politics in the comments135 pride flag993 solo1004959 text53645 trans rights14 transgender pride flag279 underhoof48172 vault suit3271


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254 comments posted
Background Pony #9052
I mean its not likes no one is stopping you from being trans or blocking you from being another gender…

stop using Derpi lmao
@Doctor Gay Hitler
Only barely. Nobody likes a mouthpiece. Still no word on which tag to filter, so i'm boutta flip a damn coin since i can't add the proper tag(s) and admins don't seem to want to do that task.

stop using Derpi lmao
So i had this filtered, but now it's back. Which tag do i use since mouthpiece is absent and tag editing has been nuked?

Or, y'know, could a mod re-add the aforementioned applicable tag.
Background Pony #2FD3
I always wondered why images like this always get negative votes. I thought people were supposed to like trans rights. Is there a meme I'm not aware of or something?
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