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safe (1459919)artist:evehly (779)derpibooru exclusive (21021)edit (103210)edited screencap (46890)editor:kerinova (11)screencap (180290)pinkie pie (192327)earth pony (158387)pony (725029)my little pony: pony life (513)cheering (643)cropped (36978)cute (154277)diapinkes (7411)dissonant caption (49)excited (2247)eyes closed (70083)female (786964)happy (24703)hooves up (337)jumping (2693)life is pain (5)logo (2984)open mouth (107635)pain (1349)ponk (828)smiling (188717)solo (895222)teeth (6661)text (42211)

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An Artist Who Rocks

Make toys? Sell toys? Build a franchise of pop media based on the toys they make and sell, and then sell toys based on that pop media? Manage IP in a global marketplace? Manage global supply chains?
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Background Pony #A511
Any idea why it was updated? Was it just to bump it back up to being a new image or something? The only difference I can see is that this version is a little smaller than the original one.
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