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Made this (a bit late) in connection of the news of the spinoff(?) that’s happening in 2020, Pony Life. Which I guess is going to be out G4.5 in before the upcoming G5 movie.
My thoughts? Weeeeell, I’m a bit worried, but I will be honest, I don’t mind seeing more of the Mane 6.<3  
Also thoughts on the designs? Hmmmmm, dunno, kinda a mix bag. What I saw I kinda like how Twiligh looks, but Rainbow’s manedo is absolutly ridiculous. Overally I could, see myself grow to like it. And if the episodes going to be good, I’m also could overlook it.
Btw, for this drawing I altered the design a bit. Just so give part of my own touch to it.

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safe2176507 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen1154 twilight sparkle358140 alicorn314870 pony1604741 g42031116 g4.57789 my little pony: pony life6895 abstract background24186 butt fluff923 cheek fluff9545 chest fluff65694 chibi18434 colored pupils13242 colored wings14563 colored wingtips2888 confused6689 duality5448 ear fluff50826 eye contact7684 feathered fetlocks1037 female1805065 fluffy19604 frown36182 generational ponidox477 hoof fluff3271 leg fluff5146 looking at each other34397 looking down14732 looking up24068 mare742520 raised hoof70060 raised leg11906 self ponidox10387 shoulder fluff3114 simple background597431 spread wings94716 time paradox601 transparent background284703 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149560 twolight1572 unshorn fetlocks46931 wide eyes19883 wing fluff2399 wings223504


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Time to cuddle the tiny self!~ :P
Also, not sure if generational ponidox applies… isn’t it supposed to be just art stylistic difference?