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safe1575778 edit117704 edited screencap56087 screencap199282 cozy glow5849 pinkie pie203293 spike74856 alicorn195359 bird6791 dragon48188 goose292 pony845903 the ending of the end2025 alicornified4538 bell3739 canterlot castle1761 caption19218 child1831 comic101477 confetti1716 cozy glow drama23 cozybuse437 cozycorn416 eyes closed80220 female899491 filly59542 fire10066 flying34340 glowing horn16668 grogar's bell312 horn43344 image macro35705 magic65885 magic aura2954 meme78628 op is a duck4239 op is trying to start shit2742 party bazooka17 party cannon1666 race swap12535 sarcasm294 screencap comic4173 stained glass1143 stained glass window54 telekinesis24719 text51104 wings76084


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Background Pony #3875
@Background Pony #AB08
That would normally be true, but Cozy is (at the very least) a sociopath, and changing for the better is not in her. Treatment would only make her even more dangerous, and even more devious.
Background Pony #CCAC
@Background Pony #AB08

Except that considering the severity of her crimes, it's highly unlikely that she'd ever regret anything about it but being caught. there are crimes grave enough that attempting to rehabilitate the perpetrator is a exercise in futility, because you know they will go right back to doing what they were arrested for if they ever get out.
Background Pony #E115
@Background Pony #8FB0

Because even with just the passage of time people can change. It's ridiculous to think that at age 9 or however old Cozy Glow is she would always be exactly the same. That there is no way she is going to be any different at age 29 or 49 and so on. A lot of times, people look back and realize they were foolish when they were younger. But Cozy Glow wasn't given that opportunity.
Background Pony #8739
Why are people STILL whining about Golly being a child…? If you try and kill literally everyone by draining the forces holding the world together, then try and kill everyone again with God magic you have long lost the right to be treated like a minor, in their world or ours. Being a child doesn't get you off the hook for numerous counts of treason, attempted genocide and regicide.
Background Pony #C7CD

Here the real list of Cozy Glow's crimes.

1. Attempted Murder/Negligent Homocide/Genocide=

[quote]1st day, all unicorns lose their magic and spell fail. On 2nd day, all creature lose their magical abilities. On 3rd day, all magical artifacts lose their power.[/quote]

Cozy Glow encourage Starlight Glimmer and Rainbow Dash to take Twilight's class to Cloudsdale with full knowledge that she was draining all the magic of Equestria. Not to mention without the crystal heart, all of the crystal ponies would freeze to death. So she put the Crystal Empire, Starlight, Spike, and other non-winged being in mortal danger and never did she show any remorse for it.

2. Kidnapping/Wrongful Imprisonment= She trapped the C.M.C. in a closet, Starlight in a sphere of magic, and the mane six with Spike in Tartarus. She left them with no amenities and no way to contact anybody.

3. Jingolism, Hate Crime= Just like Adolph Hitler who scapegoat the Jews, Cozy Glow turn the pony students against Smolder, Yona, Ocellus, Silverstream, and Gallus by intentionally blaming them for imprisoned Starlight and draining the magic from Equestria. Not to mention that she said that friendship wasn't in non-ponies nature.

4.Regicide, Usurped, Coup = Cozy Glow threaten to kill, imprisoned, or drained the magic from Celestia, Luna, and Twilight. She destroy the pegasi weather system and hurt ponies all in a bid to conquer Equestria. She also work with Trek and Chrysalis to divided and conquered the pony tribes.

5. World Destruction = If Cozy Glown succeed in draining all the magic from Equestria and sending it to another world, she would have destroy two world on an apocalyptic scale. Not to mention her action brought back the windigos and eternal winter.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

You would have a point… if Cozy Glow wasn't in the process of committing treason.

Cozy Glow isn't acting in self-defense, Spike is.
Background Pony #CCAC
@Background Pony #AB08

Given that you're talking about one that wanted to hoard all of the magic just so he could destroy as much stuff/beings as he could with it, another that kept her subjects starving so she could push them into a war in which the primary objective was to attain glory for herself, and another that when she did reveal herself as a villain was after surreptiously attempting (and luckily failing) to kill the ponies who stood in the way of a plan that would have drove society to collapse and all the death that comes with it if it had worked, i can't say i'm convinced.
Background Pony #9B47
@Background Pony #CB96
@Background Pony #AB08
Nah. Cozy’s an actual textbook psychopath.

And clear indications of also being a sociopath…intelligent, very charming, and absolutely no emotional connection to any living creature! For a sociopath, killing someone is no more signicant that stepping on an ant!
Background Pony #BCCF
@Background Pony #AB08
Or at least she did before she met her fate in the finale.

And I for one couldn’t be happier about that little psycho getting her just desserts. Look, if Cozy wanted to reform, she would have. She deserved everything that happened to her, no matter her age.
Background Pony #E115
@Background Pony #CB96

Age is very important. There are people who commit many crimes in their 20's and then decades later, they change in attitude and see their younger self as foolish. This is why the "excuse" of her being a kid is brought up by so many people. Cozy Glow has so much of her life ahead of her to reflect on. Or at least she did before she met her fate in the finale.
Background Pony #BCCF
@Background Pony #AB08
Agree to disagree. But even if she isn’t, her age has nothing to do with how much of a threat she is and how unrepentant she’s been about everything she’s done.
Background Pony #E115
@Background Pony #CB96

Wanting to rule Equestria is not being a psychopath. At worst this is greed and hubris. And the trio did plan to get rid of the Windigos with Grogar's Bell (even though it wasn't for altruistic reasons but the reasons weren't so bad really).
Background Pony #E115

That's why I said at worst, as in the worst case scenario. None of the villains in this series are psychopaths.
Background Pony #5496
Remember, this little filly almost going to throw away all the magic in Equestria.
Willing to work with 2 evil creatures in Equestria.
Want to kill the Princesses of Equestria
Destroying half of Canterlot.
Want to kill the Mane 6.
Trying to bulid a Kingdom with fear. With the other 2 villains.
Also during the whole Chaos magic and she turn into an alicorn, she want to betray Chrysalis and Tirek until she realized chaos magic cannot be control by anypony except Discord and Pinkie pie.
Artist -

Flufux Corporations
In this case Spike is clearly acting in self-defence, since said 'child' just tried to straight up murder Celestia, Luna and Twilight in cold blood and would likely do the same to everypony in this room given a chance.