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"Coach!, Please let me in!" ~ Diane
"Relax Diane, We just need wait for the right time… The right time…" ~ Axle Bright
safe1639631 artist:dianetgx31 edit125741 edited screencap60845 screencap213765 berry punch6363 berryshine6355 caramel2426 cherry cola472 cherry fizzy531 dark moon224 derpy hooves49078 dusty swift66 fat stacks54 final countdown50 frying pan (character)102 graphite223 junebug349 lyra heartstrings28737 orion251 rainbow stars233 shooting star (character)251 silver waves79 sprout greenhoof110 star bright185 summit point9 sunshower raindrops2314 team spirit20 twinkleshine2145 wintergreen68 oc643221 oc:axle bright14 oc:diane tgx25 dragon52204 pony905276 unicorn295578 background pony9788 badge1099 chewing587 clothes435756 coach300 dissapoint15 dragoness7467 eating9155 equestria games433 face paint752 female1305392 glasses58286 las pegasus resident491 screencap background25 shooting star919 sports bra2793 sports shorts999


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