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when you and your horse wife can’t cook and wind up eating hayburgers for the 3rd time that week but its ok bc youre both cute
safe1617351 artist:lulubell1662 princess luna95587 twilight sparkle288524 alicorn206441 pony885082 bowl1514 burning582 cooking1031 epic fail258 fail1345 female1287489 fire10516 food64406 lesbian91943 looking at something2387 mare440086 salad346 shipping188584 smoke2398 soot81 table8538 tablecloth90 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118473 twiluna1485 unshorn fetlocks22441 xk-class end-of-the-kitchen scenario37


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My sister once managed to burn a pot of water.

She set water to boil for pasta and added some oil to keep it from foaming over, and managed to drip some over the side so it caught fire on the burner and briefly ignited an oil slick on the surface.
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Have you two walked into someplace that was inexplicably supernatural? Had you ever walked by and p!$$ed off any creature you came across, perhaps an old crone or a homeless beggar? Did you took strange cheap or free gifts from a sly merchant?
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