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Starlight: Um, Trix, don't you think we should move to a place that's a little less crowded…and a little less, fanboy-populated?

Trixie: Oh they won't hurt us, Starlight. Don't worry, I got this. Hey boys, what do you think of Trixie's great and powerful body? :flirty:

Starlight: sigh Typical Trixie…

I had an urge to draw some sexy ladies and I don't think I've drawn humanized Starlight yet so I needed to correct that. Just two best friends enjoying themselves at the beach! Trixie seems to really be liking the attention she's getting. :giggle:

I'm really proud of how this image turned out cuz I figured out some new techniques with my shading that is sure to make my images pop a lot more! The more I draw pics like this, the better I get! Don't ever let someone tell you you can't be a good artist, all you gotta do is practice and maybe drawing some cute girls in bikinis at the beach might help! :3

And yes, you 2012 followers might notice a little reference in there! :3
suggestive148403 artist:aleximusprime1532 gummy5136 pinkie pie220141 starlight glimmer49785 trixie68732 human158940 adorasexy10134 ass50894 beach15932 beach towel633 belly button81242 big breasts86008 bikini18963 bikini babe738 breasts288668 busty starlight glimmer2572 busty trixie4203 butt65884 cleavage35635 clothes475926 curvy6931 cute205668 cutie mark bikini17 diatrixes3217 female1401700 females only13054 glimmer glutes1619 glimmerbetes3907 great and powerful hips2 grin40908 hat90323 hips2768 humanized101911 looking at you175655 looking back60084 looking back at you15965 one eye closed32499 panties51501 panty pull589 printed bikini17 sexy30695 side-tie bikini431 smiling260857 string bikini756 stupid sexy starlight glimmer554 stupid sexy trixie346 sunblock38 swimsuit29629 teasing3884 thick4584 thighs15059 thunder thighs9013 trixie's hat4753 underboob4070 underwear62499 wide hips18264 wink25650


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Background Pony #EDBF
Starlight Glimmer has a incredible butt. I love to touch her butt while make out with Starlight. 😍