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The rise of the Kingdom of the reign of the Storm King and General Tempest Shadow began. The former friends of Twilight Sparkle would take positions in command, the girls became commanders and were left in charge of the Storm Kingdom Cadet Academy, Spike became the main royal bodyguard and security commander for The Storm King.
semi-grimdark (25294)artist:chedx (262)applejack (150509)fluttershy (187345)pinkie pie (192278)rainbow dash (207158)rarity (160418)spike (69978)storm king (1000)tempest shadow (12338)comic:kingdom fall (13)my little pony: the movie (16823)alternate history (33)alternate timeline (2499)bad end (1865)bodyguard spike (4)brainwashing (306)canterlot (4103)commission (42290)crystal of light (35)evil laugh (352)general tempest shadow (31)laughing (6338)mind control (2582)smiling (188604)the bad guy wins (116)the command 6 (1)


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