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Where did she go?
safe1640362 edit125803 edited screencap60887 screencap213858 aloe2536 angel bunny9603 apple bloom48021 autumn blaze3594 babs seed5667 berry punch6365 berryshine6357 big macintosh27430 bon bon15905 bow hothoof985 braeburn6128 bright mac1220 burnt oak121 capper dapperpaws1501 carrot cake2028 cattail89 cheerilee9669 cheese sandwich3890 cherries jubilee152 cherry jubilee1084 clear sky416 cloudy quartz1294 coco pommel5760 coloratura2809 cranky doodle donkey968 cup cake3966 daring do6273 derpy hooves49081 diamond tiara9968 discord29763 dj pon-328676 doctor fauna530 doctor muffin top84 doctor whooves10533 double diamond1635 fancypants1887 featherweight1236 flam2090 flash magnus788 flash sentry12367 flim2192 gabby2252 garble1721 gentle breeze336 gilda9330 goldie delicious372 grand pear252 granny smith5202 gummy4969 igneous rock pie862 iron will1314 limestone pie4810 little strongheart799 lotus blossom2680 lyra heartstrings28741 marble pie6280 matilda491 maud pie12164 mayor mare3166 meadowbrook782 mistmane723 moondancer4664 mudbriar777 night glider1320 night light2158 nurse redheart3437 ocellus4991 octavia melody23217 opalescence2050 owlowiscious1958 pear butter2657 pharynx947 philomena1040 photo finish2558 pipsqueak2795 plaid stripes253 posey shy1164 pound cake2477 prince rutherford731 princess cadance31532 princess celestia92345 princess ember6129 princess flurry heart6845 princess luna96574 pumpkin cake2215 quibble pants1489 rainbow dash226675 rockhoof1086 roseluck4908 rumble3860 saffron masala1601 sandbar5187 sassy saddles1014 scootaloo50145 shining armor22369 silver spoon6349 silverstream5810 smolder7393 snails5212 snips4132 soarin'13634 somnambula1814 spitfire13065 starlight glimmer46576 stygian742 sugar belle2978 sunburst6325 sunset shimmer60143 sweetie belle47798 sweetie drops15905 tank2675 thorax4148 thunderlane3948 time turner10529 tree hugger2694 trouble shoes1100 twilight sparkle291864 twilight velvet4069 twist2822 vinyl scratch28676 windy whistles2009 winona2486 yona4838 zecora9065 zephyr breeze2190 zippoorwhill373 alicorn211268 alligator1006 breezie2102 buffalo917 changedling7847 changeling44180 dog9031 draconequus10205 dragon52234 earth pony224443 phoenix1726 pony905907 yak4338 a bird in the hoof640 the last problem5295 buttercup73 caption20555 cutie mark crusaders18583 everycreature45 everypony373 flim flam brothers1215 image macro36585 king thorax2761 prince pharynx688 rara1039 spa twins1304 text55106 the magic of friendship grows89 they forgot about me19 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119967 wall of tags2809


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Background Pony #8FA1
What'd you expect? FiM/EQG has thousands of characters, if not tens of thous. You can't give equal attention to them all, or even remember them individually. Besides, some are best left as one shots. Philomena belongs in fanfics.
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Background Pony #D6C6
try something new dude! like: "they put me too?!!" or something like this
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Duck - User has been known to often resemble a waterfowl
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rubber Ball
They probably forgot about a lot of ponies and or animals that appeared in the show probably don't expect them to put every single character that ever appeared in the show ever in this ending scene

MLP Gen 4 is gone forever I still tear up a bit just thinking about that ending scene where the sun was setting in behind the mane 6 in the book closed I know we're getting something like ponies life but still it's not going to be the same