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safe1615783 edit123074 applejack162590 fluttershy203008 gummy4923 pinkie pie207491 rainbow dash224052 rarity173795 spike75756 twilight sparkle288332 alicorn206091 alligator972 dragon50924 earth pony215959 pegasus257329 pony883555 unicorn285294 my little pony: pony life4337 mane seven6153 mane six30377 meme79604 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118389


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Background Pony #E3D6
Originally the meme kicked off with the individual asking their mother if she could stop at McDonald’s. The mother declines & says, “No we have food at home.” Then followed up with a picture of something unappetizing or insatiable. As meme culture always is, memes tend to evolve over time & stray from the original concept.
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Background Pony #BF91
I see they're applying the Teen Titans Go school of "misusing an IP for crappy, cheap animation that revolves around lowest common denominator humor"

Le sigh
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