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At a family dinner in Canterlot, hosted by his cousin, Twilight Sparkle, Iron Wingheart works up the courage to do something he wanted to do:

Propose to his coltfriend, Quasar.
safe1557706 artist:piccolavolpe9 captain celaeno1030 princess cadance30153 princess flurry heart6150 shining armor21570 twilight sparkle280096 oc595436 oc:azure glide64 oc:iron wingheart19 oc:quasar(wingman)8 alicorn191487 bird6569 hybrid14788 parrot378 pegasus233242 pony828829 unicorn258650 my little pony: the movie17542 the last problem4000 azurlaeno20 canon x oc21642 cheering704 clapping609 commission50110 dining room37 dining table17 engagement29 engagement ring156 family3967 female881888 forehead touch4 gay24877 horn40798 horn ring4974 interspecies offspring6196 love4284 male299679 mare405471 marriage proposal482 mother and father55 oc x oc12907 offspring33695 older22603 older flurry heart898 parent:captain celaeno27 parent:oc:azure glide15 parents:azurlaeno17 parents:canon x oc1788 princess twilight 2.01520 shipping181781 smiling210875 stallion90625 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113868


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