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Another wondrous picture from Max! These two have entered a very sweet dream, but what happens once she snaps her fingers? I have received permission from the artist to upload this image to derpibooru. :)
suggestive135048 artist:lifejoyart220 oc641636 oc only426153 oc:hazy dreams3 oc:scarlet crown2 earth pony223180 unicorn294303 anthro245208 unguligrade anthro45316 absolute cleavage3059 anthro oc28855 armpits42094 blue sky122 blushing186145 boots20460 breasts260253 candy6669 chocolate3193 cleavage32805 clothes434743 cloud28905 cyan eyes102 donut1915 dress42142 duo54525 duo female8733 female1303232 food65825 lollipop2336 mare448669 mountain4769 mountain range552 red eyes5629 shoes33438 sparkles4098 sprinkles312 wingding eyes20636


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