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Couldn't resist, drawing lil dash was so much fun

you can be the pony holding this little-er pony by heading over to my YCH Page!
safe (1489268) artist:thrimby (25) rainbow dash (210269) oc (558353) alicorn (176303) pegasus (208594) pony (767372) my little pony: pony life (754) :i (1322) angry (21240) blushing (162670) chibi (11973) colored pupils (7928) commission (44151) cute (160489) dashabetes (7213) duo (42663) embarrassed (9238) female (813643) floppy ears (43314) frown (20411) generic pony (548) glare (7791) grumpy (2172) holding a pony (2333) hoof fluff (756) hoof hold (6469) looking away (2989) madorable (436) mare (367997) open mouth (111004) partial color (4232) pouting (1726) simple background (311176) sitting (49412) small pony (50) smiling (194515) unshorn fetlocks (20022) white background (77650) your character here (7287)


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*timid squawking*
I'm tempted to chip in and ask for G4 Rainbow Dash to hold the little Rainbow Dash with a very amused expression.

"Ahahahaha oh my Celestia, you're so cute!"