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Donald Axeblade (left) and Douglas Axeblade (right) grew up in the city of San Franciscolt. After graduating from high school, the twins had a bad year at SF University. Donald was expelled after he punched a professor, while Douglas dropped out shortly before the end of the year. Unsure of what to do with their lives, Donald and Douglas moved to Canterlot to work for their uncle, a contractor named Rusty Nails. Rusty was getting old and wasn't quite as strong as he used to be, and so he greatly appreciated his nephews' help.

Since moving to Canterlot, Donald and Douglas have become firm friends with the Mane 7, particularly Sunset Shimmer. Sunset also introduced the twins to Wallflower Blush, who developed an instant crush on Douglas. Bonding over their shared interest in plants, Douglas and Wallflower became very close and were soon dating.

The Axeblade twins are two of the biggest guys in Canterlot. In fact, only Bulk Biceps is taller than them. Donald's shaved head and Douglas' long hair set the twins apart from one another, as do their personalities and interests. When they're not working, Donald enjoys playing contact sports and talking tough, while Douglas enjoys spending time in nature and taking care of his garden.

And yes, their names are a reference to the Scottish Twins from Thomas & Friends.


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