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It's time to revive the "Gallus reacts to something horrifying" meme…
…and it doesn't get much more horrifying than this!
safe1615796 edit123075 edited screencap59237 editor:bobhershey26 screencap210834 applejack162590 fluttershy203009 gallus6182 pinkie pie207491 rainbow dash224052 rarity173797 silverstream5655 twilight sparkle288335 alicorn206094 earth pony215972 pegasus257337 pony883576 unicorn285307 my little pony: pony life4337 what lies beneath1521 animated94170 background pony strikes again1225 exuberant airdancer fluttershy34 gallus reacts to something horrifying6 mane six30377 mouthpiece1228 op is a duck4231 op is trying to start shit2756 sound7661 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118389 vulgar19651 wacky waving inflatable tube pony65 webm11382


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Background Pony #F416
No one:
Not even Rob Rackstraw:
Bronies: scared of cuter designs of the ponies we loved