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Sci-Twi: "Oh, um, hi Principal Celestia! See, what had happened was, my friends were helping me with my 'Winter Environment Simulator' science project, and things got a little out of hand. Yeah, that's it."
Principal Celestia: (Stare of Death)
Sci-Twi: "Annnnnnnd… we're screwed."
safe1640684 screencap213901 applejack164665 fluttershy205812 pinkie pie210068 princess celestia92356 rainbow dash226707 rarity176050 sci-twi23009 sunset shimmer60158 twilight sparkle291904 blizzard or bust160 equestria girls191396 equestria girls series31020 holidays unwrapped1658 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13101 boots20555 canterlot high2603 caught3162 celestia is not amused494 clothes436182 coat2708 earmuffs1159 fake snow7 female1306317 fluttershy's winter hat15 grin35635 hand on hip5439 hat81893 humane five3095 humane seven2312 humane six2952 imminent detention11 jacket11708 mane six30871 mittens445 nervous5398 nervous grin989 oh crap face106 outdoors9092 principal celestia3374 rarity's winter hat23 shoes33656 smiling230579 this will end in detention65 toque151 unamused15072 winter coat120 winter hat105 winter jacket40 winter outfit1442


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Background Pony #2971
Me:It was all their idea,ma'am!
They made me do it!
They're out of control, i tell you!