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Artist's Description

Jasper and Sunstone Quartz. They are twins. Jasper ended up joining the guard and became a captain before retiring and Sunstone started his solar power company from the ground up, Solarium Energy Inc.
safe1639212 artist:askbubblelee1425 oc642947 oc only426817 oc:jasper quartz6 oc:sunstone quartz2 pony904979 unicorn295422 anthro245659 unguligrade anthro45403 absurd resolution64845 anthro oc28897 armor22703 bodysuit1962 brothers781 clothes435555 combat armor58 combat bodysuit1 duo54668 glasses58267 guard1148 guardsman20 leonine tail7763 male351097 pants13387 royal guard7269 shirt22990 siblings7466 smiling230239 stallion100639 twin brothers3 twins2108


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