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safe1640444 artist:silfoe1546 twilight sparkle291872 pony905972 unicorn295888 moonsetmlp85 alternate universe9986 bath2789 bathing933 bed38731 book32033 candlestick49 comic104761 female1306056 magic69806 mare450265 onomatopoeia3777 telekinesis26254 towel3493 towel on head117


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Background Pony #A89D
"click" is not the sound one expects to hear when pulling a book off the shelf. Very curious to find out what it means
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Twilight: (Turns to see Cadence)

Cadence: Twily! Up for some late morning reading I see.

Twilight: …..

Cadence: Well, don't let me stop you from getting some good reading time in. Hope you and Lu- I mean Nightmare Moon had a good time tonight.(Trots off to find Nightmare Moon to help Luna's subconscious stall the Empress of the Night from returning for a while.)
Background Pony #EE9A
Secret door I see.
Even in this Universe she can't resist the books.
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