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safe (1483356) artist:silfoe (1524) twilight sparkle (269146) pony (762335) unicorn (225819) moonsetmlp (83) alternate universe (6846) bath (2459) bathing (806) bed (32902) book (28287) candlestick (34) comic (94053) female (808228) magic (60449) mare (364664) onomatopoeia (2544) telekinesis (22145) towel (3007) towel on head (47)


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Background Pony #0BBE
"click" is not the sound one expects to hear when pulling a book off the shelf. Very curious to find out what it means

Twilight: (Turns to see Cadence)

Cadence: Twily! Up for some late morning reading I see.

Twilight: …..

Cadence: Well, don't let me stop you from getting some good reading time in. Hope you and Lu- I mean Nightmare Moon had a good time tonight.(Trots off to find Nightmare Moon to help Luna's subconscious stall the Empress of the Night from returning for a while.)