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AMBER: Woah, it is actually glowing! I thought earth ponies can't perofrm such magic?
SUNSTONE: Ha, we can't.
STARLIGHT RAY: How did you do it?
SUNSTONE: Nothing special, guys. A powder, based on phosphorus, I made it myself.
RAINFALL: Stupid idea. You could burn your hand.
SUNSTONE: You are just saying that because it scared you, Gloomy Face.
RAINFALL: I… I wasn't scared, I was… surprised! And stop calling me "Gloomy Face"!
SUNSTONE: Okey-dokey. But speaking of "faces" — you should have seen the look on your face that moment! Priceless!
DISCORD: I like this guy.
SWEETIE BELLE: Sunstone, listen, you may find it funny, but it is dangerous to experiment with chemicals on your own, you should…
DISCORD: What a funkiller.
SWEETIE BELLE: I heard… (gets trapped in the crystal)
DISCORD: There, much better.
BUTTIN MASH: Umm, Sweetie Belle? You alright?
AMBER EARRING: Auntie? Oh, Mr. Discord, release my auntie Belle, please.
DISCORD: (sighs) Everything for my witch.
SUNSTONE: Okay, to the pumpkin throwers now? Bet no one can beat my record! (foals run away)
SWEETIE BELLE: (becomes free) ..that! Huh, where are they?
BUTTON MASH: Your top.
SWEETIE BELLE: Huh? Yikes!!! (quickly covers herself) DISCORD!!! Oh, unfair universe, why do you hate my tops so much?!
BUTTON MASH: I guess the universe thinks that hiding some things is a crime against nature.
safe1640224 artist:sinaherib194 big macintosh27429 button mash3929 discord29761 fluttershy205752 sweetie belle47798 oc643607 oc:amber earring18 oc:rainfall50 oc:starlight ray6 oc:sunstone12 bat pony46358 cat5897 earth pony224400 pegasus266345 unicorn295814 anthro245920 apple15495 avatar the last airbender505 bat ponified2438 belly button72879 bill cipher286 breasts261179 busty fluttershy16284 busty sweetie belle1974 cane659 clothes436001 colt14083 costume26405 cutie mark44193 female1305903 filly62916 flutterbat6705 flutterbat costume92 fluttermac2788 food66030 fox mccloud67 full moon3241 gravity falls1310 hat81847 katara53 kiki32 kiki's delivery service43 krystal134 male351393 moon22536 nightmare night costume1547 offspring36290 older24924 older button mash186 older sweetie belle2117 parent:cheese sandwich1686 parent:fancypants753 parent:flash sentry2807 parent:pinkie pie3810 parent:rainbow dash5237 parent:rarity3841 parent:soarin'2294 parent:twilight sparkle7848 parents:cheesepie1446 parents:flashlight2409 parents:raripants531 parents:soarindash1713 pirate costume85 race swap13626 shipping191687 star fox253 story included8541 straight130056 sweetiemash580 the cmc's cutie marks4685 top hat4002 traditional art113597


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