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Figure it's better to post this now than before she gets sullied by the eventual Pony Life version.

I really liked the /mlp/ arabian-esc take on her and tried to push a little further in that direction. And added some glasses to balance out her design and there's not enough qt pones in them and it works well for an alchemist theme.

Which do you prefer for her?
A) short mane / long tail
B) long mane / short tail
C) short all
D) long all
artist needed25583 safe1615251 potion nova270 pony882929 unicorn285092 blue eyes4341 curly hair621 female1285848 glasses56791 long mane3073 mare439333 multicolored hair4801 short mane798 simple background361031 sketch59048 tail bun362 unshorn fetlocks22401 white background90284 white coat280


not provided yet


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